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Cardiology Asia-2020 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Cardiology Asia-2020

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Our all Cardiology conferences 2020 have Case Studies that act as helpful guides to the people who may also face comparable issues. Usually, Case Studies in Cardiovascular Medicine, should detail a specific therapeutic case, reporting the medical history of the patient. They should discuss examinations attempted in order to decide a diagnosis or differentiate between possible diagnoses and should indicate the sort of treatment the patient proficient accordingly. In one piece we can conclude that Case Studies is a valuable and instructive piece of every physician’s or doctor's medicinal studies, which really need us to include this session track on our Cardiology Asia-2020 which will be held at Osaka, Japan.


Neuro-cardiology is the study of neurological, neuroanatomical, and the neurophysiological features of cardiology. It also contains the neurological origins of cardiac disorders. The effects of stress on the heart are studied in terms with both the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system. Cardio-oncology is the crossway of heart conditions in patients who have been treated for cancer. Cardiologists can determine patients for potential risk of developing heart conditions if patients take certain sorts of cancer drugs, or following any radiation treatment to the chest.

Heart diseases in Women are the leading killer of girls all round the world. However identifying the symptoms & treating them can save many lives. Women of all ages should buck up disease seriously. Women under age 65 especially those with a case history of heart condition also got to pay close attention to heart condition risk factors.


Pediatric Cardiology is generally for treating heart problem in children which is done by a pediatric cardiologist. They are specialized in medicinal and analysing the heart problem in children in the children who may need heart surgery, Pediatric Cardiologists work closely with the pediatric heart surgeons to determine the best treatments and interventions on the conditions that affect the heart of the children.

Cardiac surgery is the procedure made on the heart or great vessels by cardiac surgeons. It is often wont to treat complications of ischemic heart, to correct congenital heart condition or to treat valvular heart condition from various causes, also as endocarditis, rheumatic heart disease, and atherosclerosis. The future of cardiac surgery cruxes on the surgeon’s ability to improve techniques, innovates in therapies, and diversifies practice. It also includes heart transplantation.